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But ohhhh, the sky was so beautiful. Took a bike down at 10 pm after being all angsty and went down to the beach. So pretty. So so pretty.

Got my PS3 to work (knock on wood)!!!!! Dusty old feller needed a cleaning. Never thought I'd say "Oh, it's nice to see the 'CRITICAL MISSION FAILURE' screen....but that means it's working."

Gotta cram all kinds of things into it for the next week before I go on WITHDRAAAAAAAWAL. 

I think next time I make my sorbet, I'll either limit or eliminate completely the chili powder.......bit spicy.

I'm stuck on make up ideas. I want to do something Mass Effect related, but I'm having trouble. Already done Paragon/Renegade eyes. Hum diddly um diddly dum.

I am packed fully. My room feels a little naked. Have to buy tea to have with my roommates, so a run to the tea store tomorrow. New glass mug needed, too, after my glass one shattered. :( It was so pretty.

Few ideas running through my head that I hope to get down on paper. Have Imprinting to finish, as always. Hoping to finish that before school starts.....hmm.

Have my last bellydance class tomorrow. Looooved it. New class starting when school gets in session. I'm excited. Meeting new people, possibly convincing my friend Alif to take classes with me. I told him he'd be the next Jamil who is my long-distance husband whaaat, and he had no idea what that meant, so I showed him.

Deliciousness. Personified. )

Ohhhhh Jamil. I'm marrying you I'm marrying you I'm marrying you. Interviewed him earlier this year, he was so kind and so sweet and so helpful and encouraging. Sets me heart aflutter whenever he likes anything on my facebook page, AH.

Deep infatuation. <3

Ahem. Ah, now I'm all flushed and wuzzy inside. And his accent makes me keel over into a pile of barely recognizable goo. That's RIGHT boy, you keep talking with that Aussie accent and I'll forever be yours.

Tchee. :]


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