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I just realized....for the sheer AMOUNT of porn I write, or that's constantly being plotted in my head....

None of the stories I've ever posted to any k!meme EVER for ANY fandom has ever been porn.

I think it only appropriate that this piece I may finish tonight be the absolute dirtiest thing I can muster. Because I can and will have Mordin a writhing salarian mess Because that's what the prompt asks for. :3
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I will not bitch about ME3 spoilers.

I read them.

I will not worry. I will not let myself.

Because some of them will be out of date.

I have four months left.

Four months.

Things can change.

Til then. My headcanon is the only canon that matters to me.
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YES I have days 10-14 here.

Now I'm going to go hide in a corner and finish that damn councilors fic. Or the Mordin solo. Or the Mordin/Kirrahe/FShep threesome.......



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Of the 30 days of Mass Effect.

My mic was finally workiiiiinnnngg!!!!!


Sep. 14th, 2011 10:07 pm
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What with all the utter bullshit going on in a certain somewhere right now, there is only one solution in my oh so very humble opinion, and that is some absolutely retina-melting-hair-curling-shudder-inducing-brain-bleach-worthy salarian smut.

I've got three ideas and goddamit I may just crank them all out tonight. 

EDIT/UPDATE: Two threesomes, one solo, one xenopair made in heaven that NO ONE EVER DOES. Little sex drive doesn't mean NO sex drive. It means DEPRIVATION.

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Stupid iMovie giving me difficulty, but HERE IT IS.

Sounds like I'm copying [ profile] jessieheart, but I swear I'm not. I just love the Suicide Mission.

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Day 2: Favorite Companions in ME1.

Dammit, sound is off video. DAMMIIIIIIT. Fix it on the next one.

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Aka., 30 Days of Mass Effect. Here we go, Day one!

Snagged from [ profile] jessieheart

1. Mass Effect or Mass Effect 2?

For story, I loved ME1. Nothing will top it for me, in my opinion. It was also a little more cinematic in parts (and nothing beats Anderson a)punching Udina or the equally awesome b)HEADBUTTING A TURIAN.)

But as far as streamlining and appearance and overall combat, I'd say Mass Effect 2.....and because I love Mordin. So much. So very much. <3


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