Dec. 23rd, 2011 06:06 pm
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And thus the first of many pornos containing our dear salarian professor is posted on the k!meme.

I regret nothing. BWAHA!
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I just realized....for the sheer AMOUNT of porn I write, or that's constantly being plotted in my head....

None of the stories I've ever posted to any k!meme EVER for ANY fandom has ever been porn.

I think it only appropriate that this piece I may finish tonight be the absolute dirtiest thing I can muster. Because I can and will have Mordin a writhing salarian mess Because that's what the prompt asks for. :3


Dec. 17th, 2011 06:56 pm
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I'm having so much trouble with my Secret Santa that I could cry.


Dec. 12th, 2011 01:33 pm
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I love AND hate it when you find those fics, those glorious, wonderful fics that are so beautifully and perfectly written that you just feel nauseous and want so desperately to write like that.

And yet it's so good that it makes me want to give up writing forever for knowing I'll never be able to.

Ah. My heart. It's like being lovesick again.


Nov. 8th, 2011 04:44 pm
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So....I kind of stumbled upon lily-fox on deviantart.....and I'm completely and shamelessly in love with her Toy Story fanart. And I really really really didn't think I'd be the kind of person to fav-spam artwork of one of my most cherished and sacred childhood movies.

But I am. She is so amazing. There's one picture in particular that I guess caused a lot of heat called "Soft Talking" that got a Daily Deviation a few days ago. I was so in love with it, and I had to show someone, and when I went to pull it up that afternoon, the DD was gone and she had blocked all comments. Now, that was a beautiful piece of work, and I didn't understand why that would happen. But, I'm guessing, with the people on DA and the internet sometimes being what they are, that there was a bit of uproar over the sensuality of the piece. But it was cuddling, people. Come on. Although I guess that makes a testament to the piece - they did look so alive

But it seriously pisses me off that there are people who are so blatantly rude to people who are obviously very very talented and decide to take things in a different direction. I'm terrified enough that I'm going to piss of people I admire, I feel I've already done so a bit on LJ, and I'm still trying with those people, but some are less chummy than others, I guess. Les sigh. Anyway, there's enough nervousness around trying to say something nice and decent and original to someone I love, meanwhile some people find it so EASY to smack talk and be rude and make judgement and just A;SLKDGHA;LSKDFJA;SLDF sometimes I really really hate the internet. The people I know on LJ are a lot different than the people I know on DA....some for better, some for worse. But I guess DA, being very visual, has more opportunity for controversy.

Nonetheless, lily-fox, if you're reading this, I adore you and those darling little expressive dolls.

Alas, I digress.

I should be writing an essay right now. I've got a page down and 4 to BS on Mother Courage and Her Children.

Should I post my Paragon/Renegade Eyes for SLF? I've never posted anything for Shore Leave before........a little terrified.

What do you think?
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Did this a few months ago. Not really "wearable" but still....they were fun.....

And I was in a Battlestar Galactica mood, which is the music that plays in the background.

Ahhh, Battlestar.

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I will not bitch about ME3 spoilers.

I read them.

I will not worry. I will not let myself.

Because some of them will be out of date.

I have four months left.

Four months.

Things can change.

Til then. My headcanon is the only canon that matters to me.
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Aaaaand me reacting to seeing him.



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Zelda is, was, and will probably forever be, my first and greatest fandom. Soooo yeah, it cost about 2/3 of my monthly budget, but I have a meal plan, so HA! I have no regrets.

The definition of nostalgia.... )

That, and I saw Justin Timberlake at a movie premiere in Westwood, and even with a sprained ankle and a bag full of Halloween crap for a project, I was happy. :)

Life is good.


Oct. 8th, 2011 03:08 pm
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Sooooo going back to my original love, ZELDA AL;SDKJF;ALKJQW;OTRIGAJF;LKJ, my friend Mike is securing tickets for the 25th ANNIVERSARY SYMPHONY.

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YES I have days 10-14 here.

Now I'm going to go hide in a corner and finish that damn councilors fic. Or the Mordin solo. Or the Mordin/Kirrahe/FShep threesome.......



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Of the 30 days of Mass Effect.

My mic was finally workiiiiinnnngg!!!!!


Sep. 14th, 2011 10:07 pm
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What with all the utter bullshit going on in a certain somewhere right now, there is only one solution in my oh so very humble opinion, and that is some absolutely retina-melting-hair-curling-shudder-inducing-brain-bleach-worthy salarian smut.

I've got three ideas and goddamit I may just crank them all out tonight. 

EDIT/UPDATE: Two threesomes, one solo, one xenopair made in heaven that NO ONE EVER DOES. Little sex drive doesn't mean NO sex drive. It means DEPRIVATION.

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Stupid iMovie giving me difficulty, but HERE IT IS.

Sounds like I'm copying [ profile] jessieheart, but I swear I'm not. I just love the Suicide Mission.

Read more... )
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Day 2: Favorite Companions in ME1.

Dammit, sound is off video. DAMMIIIIIIT. Fix it on the next one.

Read more... )
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Rest of Meme )
Aka., 30 Days of Mass Effect. Here we go, Day one!

Snagged from [ profile] jessieheart

1. Mass Effect or Mass Effect 2?

For story, I loved ME1. Nothing will top it for me, in my opinion. It was also a little more cinematic in parts (and nothing beats Anderson a)punching Udina or the equally awesome b)HEADBUTTING A TURIAN.)

But as far as streamlining and appearance and overall combat, I'd say Mass Effect 2.....and because I love Mordin. So much. So very much. <3

Mwah! <3

Sep. 8th, 2011 09:40 am
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It's apparently National Kiss Day! I give you all a big smooch. <3

Asked on facebook (yes, crucify me) which Mass Effect character I'd like to kiss. I'm the only one who said Mordin. Salarians, all the way!! <3


Sep. 6th, 2011 04:03 pm
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On Imprinting.

Right here.

Also, wtf, San Diego, it pours this morning and now it's 99 with not a cloud in the sky. My city is where you come if you fail meteorology. Geh.

i blame...

Sep. 4th, 2011 11:25 am
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The lovely [ profile] zweihand for getting me back into Assassin's Creed, which was and still is my absolute love before I discovered Mass Effect. And HUZZAH it's actually cooperating with my PS3. There really is nothing more satisfying than that SHHKKK of a successful air assassination.



I will always be a sucker for the Assassin boys. Bitchy!Malik/sheepish!Altair for the win. And I still have an absurd adoration for La Volpe, that cheeky fucker.

Should be fun when I finally meet Erica, my sophomore mentor, for she is OBSESSED with AC - made the most badass courtesan costume I had ever seen. Thank you Costume Design class. Epic love. I shall live in her room, we're splitting the cost of Revelations. Oh what an anti-social weekend THAT will be.


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