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Meh. Phase. Will pass. At least now I have a cuddle-buddy. YAYZ.


Oct. 10th, 2011 12:36 am
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We're not even going to discuss how far behind on the meme I am, or how far behind on my essay I am. Pulling a leaf out of [ profile] lilchickadee's book and making a to-do list:

Read Medea
Ballet @ 12
Write Essay
Play Analysis @ 430
Write more of essay in class
Eat at some point during the day

Hm...I'm so exhausted right now I'm probably going to do it all tomorrow. It's doable. Go me.

I'M IN DESPERATE NEED TO WRITE SMUUUUTTTT. And more Imprinting. Gahhhh. Cannot get sick. Cannot get sick, not now.


Oct. 3rd, 2011 09:14 pm
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If I didn't have LAB on Thursday, I could go see Jennifer Hale at the voice-over conference. FOR FREE.

T_____________T. Da fuck, bruh?
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am currently looking to create a burlesque club. i LOVE burlesque. REAL burlesque, not the Cher movie, i mean coming out with 30 pounds of rhinestoned clothes on and over the course of 30 minutes ripping them all off. 

i once had a pair of golden snitch pasties that i loved, but i lost one, and thus, the other one is lost as well. blarg.

Time to choreograph another routine, hit the gym and finish thrifty college shopping. whAAAAAAT?

so excited for mango mint lemonade. nommy nommy.

More smut. I need to work on my councilors fic. i neeeeed to. i have a lot of it done, it's just the damn transitions.

I leave you with miss indigo blue. One of my faaavorite routines.
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Les angst. Terribly uninspired. Loooong ass day tomorrow too. Blarg.


Sep. 24th, 2011 06:49 pm
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But anyway, I owe you guys a video. I'm just so stressed and not in the mood to do one right now with my eye make up all smeared. Need to get out for a bit, go see Lion King or something. Ask Zoe if she wants to.

Ja Jestem Jak Bogini. Keep thinking it.

Maybe smut will make me feel better. Yeah. I'll do that.

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Chapter ONE of life begins.

I'M OFF TO COLLEGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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