Oct. 13th, 2011

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My friend Shannon dances in the parades at Disneyland (omg, I have a friend who works at Disneyland, I can't believe I can say that) and she's giving Maya, Jesse and me free park-hoppers on Sunday........OH MY GOD.

Jesse's never been. We are CONQUERING the Tower of Terror, Indiana Jones and the Matterhorn first!!!!!

Expect pictures. <3

Aaaaaand my internet isn't working, but I made a video for the final days of the 30 days of Mass Effect.................even though today would mark the 31st day of Mass Effect, OH GOD I have no willpower. I would suck as a Green Lantern. I have an obscene urge to watch that now, I thoroughly enjoyed it, so booooo Rotten Tomatoes. And I've been a fan of the comic forever, so HA. I didn't scream in horror, and Geoffery Rush's voice makes everything amazing. One more day.

Off to bed. Early day tomorrow. Lighting lab. Remember gloves, wrench and pocketknife. Hope I don't fall from the rafters while pretending to be Ezio. Boo haha.

Ohhhh what a beautiful thing to have that Medea essay done. Maybe some salarian smut before bed. I miss my kinky councilors. 


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